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Making the choice to live a vegan lifestyle can be the hardest or the easiest decision you have or will ever make; whether it is hard or easy just know that you are making a difference.

Many people ask me multiple questions when they find out I am vegan. What made you become vegan? What do you eat? What do you do to get the proper nutrition? After I answer any questions people might have it almost never fails that I hear the immediate response of, “I could never do that because it would be too hard.”

Now, I am not here to persuade anyone to become vegan or to impose my ideals upon someone who is just looking for an argument, but I am here to prove the myth wrong that being vegan is hard or that you can’t get proper nutrition. The truth is once you choose to live a vegan lifestyle, or any lifestyle that consists of consuming less animal product, it is not the veganism that is the difficult part, it is the knowledge of what you can and cannot eat that can be tricky. Once you learn the ins and outs you will be amazed of how many recipes, restaurants, and resources are all around you.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore I am here to inform you of why I chose the vegan lifestyle by giving you knowledge from my experiences, readings or life in general. I will tell you what I eat and provide you with recipes that even the beginner can cook. I will give you insight to some of the best vegan restaurants in any area. And for all those who feel they are missing out on some of the important nutritional substances, or simply don’t know where to find it, I am here to give you some tips of what foods are available that will provide you with all the nutrition to live a healthy lifestyle.


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< Café Lucca>

This unique and pleasant restaurant is yet another find of not only amazing and wonderful food but service to match.

Café Lucca is not a vegan restaurant, but the way they prepared my pizza they certainly could have fooled me!

Café Lucca offered me one of the most enjoyable vanilla chai lattes one could consume, and for a person who consumes an abundant amount of lattes, that is a pretty big compliment.

They have a wide variety of gelato that looks beautiful and amazing to eat; of course I could not consume this, but any vegetarian would appreciate this Italian homemade delight. Although I could not eat the gelato I didn’t feel left out; they offer sorbet  – it was one of the most satisfying, fresh and flavorful sorbets I had ever tasted, and for all those who are weight conscious you can rest easy knowing that it is 37% less fat than a gelato!

Overall Café Lucca is one place I would recommend for any vegan, vegetarian and even an omnivore.

Check out their website for more information:    



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